Welcome to the Community Schools Trust

Our ethos

  • We have the highest possible ambition for educational success and aim to raise achievement for all.
  • We are committed to improving the life chances of all students.
  • We believe in providing a disciplined, safe and structured school environment with open and regular lines of communication between all stakeholders.
  • We offer a broad, balanced and stretching curriculum for all with a strong focus on the acquisition of skills for learning, literacy, numeracy, social and cultural development, employment and citizenship.
  • We expect all members of each school community to challenge each other to reach high standards and to never accept mediocrity.
  • We believe our schools should stand at the centre of their communities and work closely with parents.
  • We aim to nurture a strong culture of learning in our area and encourage the participation of local communities and stakeholders in shaping the education we offer.

Our objectives

  • We want all pupils to make better progress than their peers nationally.
  • We want all lessons to provide effective feedback to students so that they know how to improve, are fully engaged and are applying basic skills appropriately.
  • We want strong leadership from governors, senior leaders, middle leaders, teachers and students alike.
  • We want effective systems across all schools in the trust to be in place to support the good order and success of all schools.
  • We want all schools in the trust to become autonomous, self-improving organisations that can drive continual improvement.
  • We want all schools in the trust to be judged good or outstanding by Ofsted.