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The Excelsior Academy

The Excelsior Academy is an exceptional learning environment with a real community spirit. 

We have a comprehensive intake and we work hard to ensure that the needs of all of our students, from those who come to us with talents in one or more areas to those who need additional support to achieve their goals and aspirations, are fully met.

Our dedicated team of teaching and non-teaching staff share a commitment to ensuring that our students are well-equipped with the skills, knowledge and attitude required to be good citizens and to succeed in the 21st century.

We have very high expectations of everyone who is involved with the school - from students and staff to parents and governors. Our goal is to see all students become highly skilled learners, achieving excellent standards and leading fulfilling and exciting lives. 

There is a positive and purposeful atmosphere throughout the school and this means that staff and students enjoy lessons and we aim to build a love for learning and promote a thirst for knowledge in all our students. 

We believe that by modelling behaviour, and by recognising and rewarding effort and achievement, we provide an environment where students are proud of their work and strive for the highest standards. All students can expect to have their efforts and successes recognised and celebrated on both a personal and public level. This ranges from individual praise to certificates and awards or whole-school celebration events.

Our commitment to equal opportunities is reflected in all aspects of school life and we welcome young people from all cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. We aim for our students to leave The Excelsior Academy as well-educated, knowledgeable, confident and well-rounded individuals.

We are a school with enormous strengths. Through the continuous hard work and cooperation of staff, students, parents and governors, we are building a reputation for academic success, as well as an excellent standard of pastoral care.

Omar Deria, Headteacher




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