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Why choose our trust?

If you share with  us the highest possible ambition for educational success, a desire to raise achievement for all and the will to ensure your students exceed what is expected of them in all aspects of their education – join our Trust.   

You’ll benefit from first-rate, personalised and immediate strategic and operational support.  We’ll work together to share and develop expertise, drive standards upwards, and we’ll support each other as we create outstanding school communities.  

Whether you are a forward-thinking school looking to share your expertise and join a community of like minded professionals, or a school that is searching for a reputable sponsor with a track record of outstanding performance to help you secure rapid and sustainable improvements, our goal is the same – to improve the life chances of all students.  

Why join? 


  • A high-expectations, structured, no “blame-mining culture” that puts the emphasis on outstanding leadership  
  • Excellent trust-wide governance structures that guarantee challenge and support  
  • Challenge and compare your progress within our schools network using our wide-ranging data systems to drive further improvement in your setting  


  • Access to a well-planned, sequenced approach to the delivery of a knowledge based curriculum, and excellent curriculum support planning if required  
  • Access to systems for the monitoring and tracking of personalised student intervention 
  • A down-to earth, jargon-free central team that works alongside schools to deliver educational excellence, robust school systems and helps build an amazing school culture  
  • A friendly and approachable Central Team who will help you improve your school further by providing rapid and relevant advice on all aspects of school development – including finance, HR, IT, estates, admissions, governance and legal 
  • High quality school improvement support from the very start, with access to outstanding leaders and practitioners across all subject areas 
  • An investment in staff well-being and continuous development, including career-mapping and reduced work-week models to aid workload reduction  


  • The opportunity to co-create expertly designed teaching methods based on what works integrated with a carefully planned training programme 
  • A leadership development programme and career path for all staff 
  • A collaborative approach to policy and systems development 
  • A commitment to working together to agree on group-wide systems, corporate policies and standard operating procedures 
  • Collaborative meetings, activities and conferences to make sure that everyone has a voice in securing continual innovation and improvements across all areas of schools within our trust  
  • Training and support programmes for newly-qualified and recently-qualified teachers, to equip them to excel in their teaching careers  
  • Fast-tracking of high-achieving staff within the trust as we develop our own leaders of the future 
  • Nationally-recognised training qualifications and coaching programmes for those looking for pathways into leadership, including the NPQML, NPQSL, NPQH and NPQEL 
  • Professional learning communities to provide opportunities for development across and between schools, phases, subject areas or specialisms