Forest Gate School

‘It makes me feel proud to see my designs come to life,’ says Lavinia-- an aspiring interior designer and Forest Gate student. An active member in her school, Lavinia takes part in Student Council, Politeness Ambassadors, Anti-Bullying Club and multisports when she’s not studying. She enjoys the opportunities she’s had to be a leader amongst her peers and helping others by making events happen. ‘We get to help the community and help our school,’ she says with pride. 

Through the Anti-Bullying club, Lavinia enjoys being a supportive person for her peers, reaching out if she sees people in distress: ‘If somebody feels really upset or uncomfortable, we go talk to them or they can come talk to us.’

Lavinia also knows that the school’s politeness initiatives, such as STEPs, encourages good social skills in herself and her peers:

‘I think it helps when we go into the real world. You need to talk to people and go to college interviews. You have to make sure you’re polite and nice to people so that they get a good impression of you.’