Forest Gate School

Preparing for GCSEs is never easy, but Zakaria knows he has his teachers behind him:

‘As a year 11 student, I am very supported by my teachers who work really hard to help me with my exams.’

Following in the footsteps of previous Forest Gate students, Zakaria has ambitions to achieve great things after he leaves secondary school, hoping to study law at a private school, an aspiration that used to seem unattainable for many in Newham. ‘Teachers always stay after school and in their own time, helping me with exam skills so that I’m best prepared,’ says Zakaria, who is working with his mentor to apply to selective schools so that he can achieve his dream.

‘Because of COVID, you can never take anything for granted,’ he says, thinking forward to his future. However he notes that the pastoral team works hard to support students with opportunities to unwind and look after their wellbeing. ‘Mr Leather works hard to provide us with football matches and basketball matches,’ he says, and notes the extra-curricular activities, such as PE and fixtures, that can give him and his peers a chance to unwind after a long day of study and revision.