CST Staff Benefits

We do a lot to help our staff at Community Schools Trust. Listed below is an extensive list of benefits common to all of our schools. In addition to this, we allow our individual headteachers to:

  • Give teachers Friday afternoon off by removing 35 hours contact time
  • Implement an extra week off at Christmas by restructuring school day
  • Remove performance management and implement automatic pay progression for all staff other than headteachers and the educational central team
  • Remove retrospective marking and replace with with live marking

We also offer a number of benefits and initiatives which we hope distinguish us from other schools in supporting our staff  in the workplace.  To this end, we have:

  • No written school reports
  • No formal lesson observations
  • Three extra half days holiday (end of term) disaggregated into twilight time
  • Free gym membership at onsite gyms where available
  • If needed, advice and support form the HR team
  • Teachers’ pension contribution
  • Attendance prizes
  • Star of the half-term prizes
  • Employee counselling service  (EAP)
  • Half-termly staff breakfasts
  • Free lunch offered every day to staff who complete only one duty. Staff are able to join the front of the queue.
  • Half-termly and end of term social events
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • High quality training and excellent career progression opportunities within the Trust
  • Access to the fully funded suite of NPQs
  • Revision booklets for students to make homework setting easier
  • No expectation for individual lesson plans
  • Planned rotas in advance for detentions, duties and other school systems to allow staff to plan their time
  • Planned comprehensive calendar at the beginning of the school year with key tasks to allow staff to plan in advance
  • Centralised detentions so that staff no longer have to do individual detentions